Thursday, March 5, 2015

Part 2: Moving our Feet

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Our family is so appreciative of everyone who has been praying for us as we have carefully considered the next step in our path.  
As mentioned before Mike had a vision about building small homes to create a village for the homeless.  As we prayed about what this would look like we began seeking out locations for this specific ministry. Before long our hearts were drawn to the Tennessee area. Our family had an opportunity to travel there this past weekend to seek out some possibilities that could be beneficial in pursuing this vision.  We definitely ruled out a few areas during the weekend.  My hope was by the end of the weekend we would have all of our questions answered, but that was not what the Lord had in mind.  One of our specific prayers was that our whole family would have peace about making a decision to relocate. 
After, prayerfully giving this decision much attention Our family is announcing that at the end of May we will be relocating to Tennessee.  We will take the same leap of faith we took 3.5 years ago to move out to Nebraska. Our time here has been a huge blessing that I can not begin to count.  However, during this next two months as we begin to prepare for the transition; count on me using each of the blessings as remembrance to lay down memory stones to cross our Jordan~
Transition can be difficult, it brings the fear of  the unknown.   When we take our focus and eyes off of Him we begin to get scared.  The waves can be overwhelming.  We begin to ask what, where, how and why but the questions are left unanswered; so that our trust is completely in Christ to provide, protect and prepare a way. Transition can be exciting, as we continue to wait upon the Lord  he continues to reveal His Plan for our lives one step at a time. Transition can be sad, we mourn the loss of our comfort, our surroundings, our friends, families and the jobs or ministries we currently play a role in. 
Regardless of how we look at Transition; it is an emotional roller coaster.
We will spend the next two months implementing and organizing basic plans.
Mike has a blue print of what "The Village" will look like.  Although these specific houses are not ours, I thought I would post a few pictures so that you can have an idea of what we will be doing......

 If anyone is interested please email us, or face book us,  we would be happy to share with you our vision.  As a start, Mike and I decided to take out our pension so that we can invest what money we have into this ministry. The reason we share this is because we want to be transparent so that WHEN God works we can GIVE Him the Glory.  We fully believe
that we are to love our neighbors as ourselves; in doing so we must be the hands & feet of Jesus to provide for those who can not provide for themselves.  When we moved to Nebraska, we were shown that same love, by several people who were examples of Jesus' hands & feet. This is our way of giving back. By doing so we can show compassion and love to a broken world that is hurting. Mike and I can not do this alone, We are just a small piece of the puzzle.  Would you please PRAY??
****** Pray to see if YOU will be a part of this puzzle... It could be that you help provide financial support, prayer support, or both?   It could be that you help provide items that will be on our donation list. (which will be a new column on the side of my blog)  It could be that you know of land in the Knoxville/Maryville, Tennessee area? It could be that you know of an R.V. that could be donated or purchased to our family? 
You may not feel as if you are apart of the puzzle at all;
but would you pray for us??? *********
1) Pray for our family that we obediently follow HIS WILL
2) Pray for our family so that we finish STRONG before the move
3) Pray for our family that we will find the proper piece of land so that we can start preparing "THE VILLAGE"
4) Pray for our family, and if the Lord lays it upon your hearts, to provide support: either financial support, prayer support, or both. 
5) Pray for our family as it will be extremely difficult, once again, to say goodbye to dear, sweet friends that we have come to LOVE~

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