Thursday, April 2, 2015

Our unfiltered life

Okay here it is... I have open my door to our unfiltered life!! I can't believe I am doing this but several people have made comments about my house Never being messy.. It isn't the truth! Two different times in my life that my house wasn't a priority.. 
When the kids were younger; there were blanket forts, cushions of the couch, toys on the floor, dishes in the sink, stacked papers everywhere, & piled laundry..
When my marriage began to unravel and I was running from the problem:  I choose the
 importance of: sports, volunteering at school, Parent committees, church functions. etc. Etc. My house work was never done. This drove my husband crazy. In fact, one day he came home and asked if I had all the energy to invest and other things that truly didn't  matter then why wouldn't I spend a little time investing in something that did matter? What He meant was I completely disrespected him by keeping our home in a manner that brought division, chaos and distraction. He saw me put very little effort into our home and our relationship that to him outside things mattered more importantly! This was building a wedge in our marriage. I wasn't respecting him and in return he wasn't showing me love~

BUT NOW MY KIDS ARE OLDER. THEY SHARE RESPONSIBILITY.  FOR THE MOST PART OUR HOUSE IS IN ORDER... Although, now you see home school books laying around on most days!! 

I need order! I can't function when my house looks like this. I get too distracted.. But, let's face it..We all get behind and this is the result!! Not too mention my paper work lacks as well. Instead of being proactive like I would prefer I end up being reactive!!

 In a perfect world my house would be spotless, my kids would be perfect (), my husband & I would never fight, and our bills would always be paid!

But, I live in the real world... My housework & paperwork get behind. My kids bicker & fight, argue & torment one another. My husband & I have our moments, And.. It seems like every time I turn around there are  "extras" that need to be paid. 

Regardless, I have tried hard to make whatever house I am living in a HOME! I want friends, family & guests to feel welcomed, loved and comfortable  in our home. 

The glimpse into our home while not organized is our unfiltered life!! It shows us being real!!  This represents my life on days I don't  necessarily care.

We have these moments with our walk with Christ. There are days we just don't care. Days we let sin overcome us. Or days we continue to run away from the love of Christ.  The good news is Christ died for us so that He could clean US UP... He took OUR sin upon HIS shoulders.. We may have days that we don't care, but Christ ALWAYS cares.

  I can rest assured that although there are times when my house may be out of order I can stand on the promise that 

God is a God of Order and peace; not of chaos and confusion~

The question is... Is my days filled with peace or chaos? I believe its okay for my house to look like this occasionally. I need to remember to prioritize according to life, seasons, situations or circumstances.

I have since learned that hard lesson.  I remind myself constantly to evaluate my priorities. If my house is like this simply because I am down for several days that is one thing, if its because I am choosing to invest energy in other things first, leaving no energy for the home or my family then that is another. I need to remember that my family is first ministry.. If I have time for work, friends, & hobbies & fun.. Then I surely have time for what's most important to me..
And that is My Family & My Home~

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