Monday, June 29, 2015

A look inside our "Home"

I wanted to give you a glimpse inside our temporary home. Right now we are all living under the roof of a 23 ft camper. We manage well, but fine ourselves getting on each others nerves sometimes. I thought of the verse in Colossians 3:13
"Bear with each other and forgive what ever grievance you may have against one another "
It is so easy to hold on to an issue that has caused us to be angry, hurt or annoyed. But when we do this we rob ourselves of the joy we may have in sharing life with one another.  My daughter and I got into a disagreement today. She was hurt for various reasons and I was annoyed.  I started to think about it and in actuality this has become a common thing between her and I.  So today I sat with her and explained that sometimes we need to do more than just say we are sorry and repent. Sometimes we need to get to the root of what's causing the irration regardless of how painful it is in order to heal and
"bear with one another"
I don't want our relationship to be damaged based on harbored up feelings that can lead to bitterness, resentment or anger. I have dealt with these  exact issues! In order to do the forgiving that the scriptures talk about we need to KNOW EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE FORGIVING..

Sometimes pride can get in the way of forgiveness. I have a wonderful example of this. 

So a couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to be a part of serving to the homeless friends for the group 'Go and Love'. I volunteered to make the food for this particular  week.. so I made spaghetti. Wow, trying to cook for 40 people in a small camper proved to be a bit challenging. At any rate I was able to and left the mess to my kids!! Thank you so much for cleaning that up!!! :)

I was able to talk with some of our homeless friends.. and a few of them brought up some personal issues. I could hear in their voice and in their stories where there had been a lack of forgiveness. It was truly sad, bit an eye opener for me as well. No one knows exactly the burden one carries. We allow this to take grip of our lives weighing us down. We do not know the true rampifactions of this until we set it free; Allowing it to no longer rob us of the freedom we can have. Sometimes forgiveness means laying down the right to be right as well!!  Jesus, himself, gave up his right and laid down his life for us

Romans 5:8 "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us"

Sometimes the hardest person we have to forgive is OURSELVES... I struggle with making the same mistake over and over. I see that I take things out on my family when I notice such things. The challenge is believing that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

Life is full of lessons if we take the time to realize them. This goes full circle to our camper home right now. The lesson I am trying to learn is to get along well with my family as we are all in tight quarters.

The key is learning to be organized which is not my strong quality!!  When things are out of place, or disorganized I feel a level of chaos or a level of discontent. When I feel like this I can act out in a way where I need my families forgiveness. I know I'm growing because I'm recognizing my triggers. That in and of itself is something to be thankful for!! :) 

At any rate, just like many of you, lots of things go on behind closed doors... 

~It could be trying to get along with one another

~It could be trying to forgive one another

 ~But it also could be fun and happy times such as cooking for others

 ~Playing games with your families

~Having friends over

~Reading or Watching T.V. 

~Doing school

~Having a campfire with smores

 ~Or even praying and trusting God during a season of both, preparation and waiting.

No matter what It takes hands to build a house but hearts to build a home ~Author Unknown

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