Friday, June 5, 2015

Moving Part 11

It has been a LONG COUPLE OF DAYS....

Once we arrived in Missouri at our  friends house. We were exhausted! These friends have always been very hospitable.
We stayed with them for 2 nights. Not only did they let us stay with them but they also went out of their way to make us feel at home; down to the little details of having mints on our pillows upon our arrival!! 

These friends show true love by serving others when in need. By the time Monday came I knew my back was not able to handle the second part of the drive. My oldest son was so unsure of pulling such a heavy trialer. Without hesitation the decision was made for them to drive us to Tennesse!! He then would turn around and drive back home.  Arriving home, after doing a round trip,  at 3:00 a.m. in the morning, we were so glad he made it home safely!!

The second part of the trip had us arriving in Clarksville. We wanted to make it to Nashville however the hotel prices were outrageous.. we were originally  going to find a campground, but due to the camper being so full it would have been a lot of work to pull everything out, set up, and tear down all for a few hours.
Another blessing we experienced during our travel was that the hotel gave us a discount.

After getting much rest we began our third part of the travel to Tennessee. This part of the travel would prove to be the most challenging and difficult part of the journey. Our suburban, aka Shelly, decided she had enough of travel and through a fit. She overheated and "threw up" along side of the busy highway. So in other terms.. Our suburban over heated.. so we pulled over and after sitting along side of the highway for a good 20 minutes;  despite the warning of releasing the valve Mike did so, and smoke went every where as did the coolant.. it leaked out like crazy (see.. Shelly threw up) We put what coolant we had along with water and prayed it to the nearest exit to the closest gas station.

Another blessing we experienced during our travel was that we made it to a gas station, filled the suburban up with coolant and oil.. put out a prayer request; not only was she running great but the "check engine light" no longer was on!!

We were an hour out from where we thought we were going to find a campground and my leg went completely numb as it does most of the day. The pain was excruciating. I needed to rest. I called the campground but was misinformed and realized we werent able to stay there. The office was closed,  the sites they have are more or less used for the workers. The sites they have do not have full hook up and if anything we could call back the next day and possibly have a site for a night. So we pulled over to locate another campground. After calling several  places we found one that only had availability for Monday and Tuesday night. We reserved it, got the directions and headed that way. Again, another challenge arose when we got lost! We ended up on one lane side roads. Remember we had the Uhaul pulling a car and the suburban pulling the trailer. I began to cry.. I was not sure where or how we were going to get all these vehicles through these roads not to mention the pounding pain in my back, and pain and numbness down my leg was adding stress to the mix. I started to pray. "GOD FIND A PLACE TO TURN ALL THESE VEHICLES AROUND PLEASE!!"
We literally went 1/2 mile longer when we found a house with HUGE turn around as a drive way!!!! Also plastered everywhere was "NO TRESPASSING SIGNS" I asked Mike what he thought we should do..
His response.. floor it and DON'T STOP!! SO WE DID!! WE got turned around and back to the highway we went!!

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