Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Moving Part 111

Oh boy!! I meant to do this right away but it has been crazy to say the least!! Haha.. I will make this one short.. and then continue a different blog on
How we have been doing?

So we got turned around and arrived at the camp. The camps name was
"Lazy Acres" The host was very accommodating and gracious. By the time we did paper work and got set up it was well into the evening. We hadn't eaten yet and needed a few things so we decided to go back into town to explore. A new friend we had met (who actually was our conncenction here in TN when we first started to entertain the idea of moving) texted and invited us over for a fire & coffee.. We got to their house at 10:00 p.m. but was so nice to be in the company of someone who lived here in TN!! We stayed for an hour and headed back to the campground.

The next day we had to unload the uhaul. We put out a request for those living in TN to see if anyone would be available to help us? We had 4 adults show up and 6 kids!! We were amazed by the goodness of perfect strangers hearts to lend us a hand! We got the uhaul truck unloaded in 2 HOURS!!!

Because I could be of no help and we needed a new place to stay since Lazy Acres only had the spot we were on for the two nights  (we also had learned that check out was at 11:00 a.m.)  Lyv and I went on search for a new place to stay.
We called 4 different places they either were full or priced ridiculously high. The fifth place I called happened to have one spot available for the week. So I made the reservations!!

After the uhaul was unloaded and we thanked everyone for helping.. it was finally time to rid that truck from our hands. We had many problems with the uhaul company and we're ready to be done with it!! We arrived at the place where we needed to drop it off and no one was there.. we called the number on the door and the lady said she would be there in 10 minutes. While we were waiting another customer drove up. Mike and him started talking about uhaul which is why he bought a trailer but didn't know what he would do with it after he was done so he thought about selling it. Mike told him he would buy it since we will need one to help with the ministry!! We gave him our name and when he said he was done he would call us!!! I guess it was a good thing we had to wait!!

The next stop was the post office to get us a mailing address. If anyone wants our address inbox me via Facebook or email me at solmenkoo3@yahoo.com
We would love to hear from you!!

By the time we got back to the camp we had laundry to do. They had a beautiful facility!! Exhausted we got back to the camper around 8:00 p.m. We were finally able to relax for a moment..

Thursday morning came which meant we had to tear down, pack up, hook up and off to the new campground. We arrived at the new campground called Whispering River Resort around noon. I went in to take care of the arrangements and happened to ask one more time if they had a longer term spot available? Once again, God moved and sure enough a spot opened  up that morning! So we actually made the reservation for the month....

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