Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Our new camper!!

Sorry for the mess we are still trying to organize...

Update on how we are doing:
~We are loving the campground. In fact, we have decided to stay through the summer for now. (But you never know ;)) The kiwi is a perfect size for a family to camp for a weekend or week but to "live" in it is challenging. 
For fun we went and looked at some campers at an R.V. center last weekend. We quickly fell in love with the trail runner but found out it was way out of our price range, so we walked away. By the time we got home they had called to offer us a lower price with our trade in. We said we would consider the offer but would need to sleep on it. The next morning I didn't have peace about the decision so I started to search on craigslist. We found the exact camper (or so we thought) and decided to go look at it. Needless to say we purchased it for alot less than what the R.V place was offering AND it's a year newer!!
We are trying to get situated and learn about our new camper.  That's the worse part.. I could NOT believe how much "stuff" we had in the "kiwi" But after a couple days we are finally almost organized!!
~My back has been doing great. I have been so blessed with being able to swim in the pool on these very hot days.. I have even started walking down to the pool, which isn't far, as much as I can!! :)
I have tried for over two weeks to find a PCP due to my prescriptions running out.  I take 3 dosages of Gabapentin, but the last two days I have only been able to take 1 dose per day. I also take blood pressure medicine. I will be out of that in a few days. I finally have an appointment tomorrow to see a doctor.
~I went up to Knoxville again today to share lunch and God's love with the homeless friends in the area.
~All in all we are all doing great!!

A few things to be in prayer about:
~Mike is going to apply for his contractors license. There is a test that he has to take.
~Continued prayers for my back
~Job for the boys while they wait to start building tiny homes
~Continued direction and guidance

We want to thank you all for the continued prayers and support!!! ♡♡♡

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