Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Day 10 of Thanksgiving... Fieldtrips

Day 10... I am Thankful that my kids and I got to go to the Wildnerness of the Smokies for a few days for a home school field trip.

We always do something special the start of each school year. It has become a tradition since I have been homeschooling (5 years already!!) This year we had moved in June so I wasn't sure we would get to do something. The co-op we are involved with had information about this trip for discounted price for home school days in Sevierville. So instead of doing something the start of school year we waited until now! I kind of like this better so we get a fall break!! We spent two days @ the Wilderness  and then went to the Titanic Museum. What a fun tour! After John Jocelyn gave a presentation we then were given a boarding pass of a person who was on this ship. Once in character we then went on a self guided tour with a radio speaker sort of thing that explained different facts at each station. By the end of the tour, at the Memorial Wall, we found out if our character survived or perished. All five of our characters survived!!! Our tour took three hours!!! What a memorable field trip. I think our best one yet!  #welovehomeschooling #fieldtrip #blessings

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  1. Okay, I'm jealous of you for two reasons. One, I went to a traveling Titanic museum quite a few years ago and my character died. :(

    For another, you're all still wearing summer clothes in these pictures. I think I may have to move to Tennessee for this reason alone.