Sunday, November 1, 2015

The life of the Solmens~

I can't believe it has been 5 months since we moved to Tennessee!!

I wanted to take some time to catch my faithful readers up on the activities & events that make up the  lives of the Solmens~
(some things may be review :) )

*We moved!
*We took the time to enjoy a couple of weeks off and spend time as a family to explore our new surroundings.
*We visited the Smokies, Museums, and the aquarium
* On June 15th, Mike started a job with Mike Hayes General contractor building a new church for a local church here in the area
*We met with a new friend who started the Go & Love group so we could share our vision and become active working with the group. (Serving the homeless)
*As new attendees of the church we have been involved with we partcipated in a BBQ to meet the staff & other new attendees

*Owen got a job at Chick fil-a
*Drove to South Carolina to visit old friends; and to meet with my sister, so that Lyv could go to Mrytle Beach with them and then back to Ohio for a couple of weeks
*Went to a meet & greet for the BHEA (our homeschool co-op)
*Signed up for homeschool classess
*Kirk turned 20!!
*Bought our new camper

*Went to Cincinnati to meet my sister to get my daughter back!!
*Lyv started volleyball @ Maryville Christian
*First day of school August 19th @ The BHEA Co-op
*Lyv started her freshman year & Owen started his Senior year
*Lyv & Owen started youth group @ Maryville Vineyard
*Celebrated Mike's birthday
*Kirks transmission went in his bravada
*Got 2 new to us cars...1) a Taurus for the boys 2) Chrysler Pacifica
*August 22 The boys found 2 abandoned dogs in a ditch..
*Adopted the dogs and Mack & Bella joined our family

* Mike & I celebrated our 19 year anniversary!!
*Attended a New members brunch for the BHEA
*Lots & lots of volleyball games
*Owen took his ACT
*Lyv joined the yearbook staff
*Lyv attended back to school dance
*Kirk partcipated in an art gallery
*Mike & I joined two small groups at our church... Go & Love small group & Parents of Teens
*Mike & I attended our first Tennessee Game. It's great TO BE A Tennessee Vol~
*Our family signed up for various positions to volunteer at the church
*Donated items from our storage to a homeless friend who got a house!!

*Visited our  homeless friends
*Owen & Lyv volunteered at the Second Harvest Food Bank
*Went to a UT Volleyball game
*Lyv went to jump jam with the youth group
*Went to a corn maze & pumpkin patch with new friends
*Owen partcipated in a 5k that the church sponsors to raise money for missions. He came in first place in his age group.. 12th overall
*The rest of us volunteered for the 5k
*Mack & Bella got spayed & neutered. We drove up to Sevierville to meet the humane society @ 6:00 a.m.!!!! The heat didn't work in our car.. It was like 40 degrees and freezing!! The whole trip was 1 hour and 30 minutes. I couldn't feel my fingers! We Came home and crawled under the blankets and slept for hours!!
*Went to Wonderworks in Pidgeon Forge on a field trip with BHEA
*Attended a bon fire that our church family had
*Owen turned 18!!
*Attended a graduation meeting for Owen
*Spoke at the Career class on ministry
*The shot that I received for my back prior to moving wore off causing me tremendous amount of pain..Still praying & believing in healing in GOD'S PERFECT TIMING~

And for the month of
*I will try acupuncture for my back
*We are going to the Wilderness of the Smokies & visiting the Titanic Museum as a field trip
*Lyv & I will be visiting  Nebraska for a visit & to attend the Camp Rivercrest craft retreat ;)
*Owen & Mike will be visiting a college in Nashville
*We are moving into a house!!
We will learn the logistics of the move within the week~

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