Monday, April 4, 2016

Experienced vs Inexperienced

~My baby girl is driving as most people know since I posted a picture on Facebook a couple days ago of her getting her permit.  We've taken her out on the roads, actually driving, a few times and she does good for the most part; however there have been a few times where I have thought  "Jesus Take the Wheel"

It's extremely hard to see her excitment and eagerness to learn, because she is growing up!  On top of that feeling the nervousness that a new student driver brings. Not only because of the inexperience but also because of the lack of knowledge to the rules of driving as well.

For example today as she was waiting at a stop sign to turn into traffic a few biker dudes were honking their horns at us. Because she was flustered she was going to go and I yelled "Don't GO". I proceeded to roll down my window, stick out my arm and hold up my hand as a STOP SIGNAL! Seriously, why don't other drivers have more patience! I explained to my daughter that it is very important not to let other drivers intimidate us, that we can not make a decision based out of fear. I further explained that it wasn't her fault I yelled but that I needed her to know that as an experienced driver my job is to make certain she makes correct decisions, that learning to drive isnt simply getting behind the wheel and driving but that it is also important to learn the rules of driving as she goes along. I instantly became distracted therefore I didn't want her making a decsion until my focus was where it needed to be!

God is like this. He may let us drive the vehicle but he is definitely the experienced driver. He allow us to go about out spiritual walks of faith guiding and directing us. Occasionally we become intimidated, often times we make decisions out of fear or even loose our focus. The great thing about a loving, patient God is that he lovingly and gently will whisper what to do If we should loose our focus.

The more experienced and familiar we become as the driver the more Satan will try to distract us. He doesn't want us knowing what to do. He doesn't want us trusting an experienced driver.

He uses same old tactics such as business, doubt, pride, unforgiveness, resentment, anger, bitterness  to honk their horns at us. We can choose to react in fear and run into danger or we can stop for a moment by calling on, and leading into the only one who can rescue, deliver and save us from what steals our focus.

As we become more and more familiar with the rules of Christian living the less we will be distracted or tempted without having the knowledge of fighting off the temptation. 

When we made a commitment to follow Christ He never said We wouldn't  have trouble... as a matter of fact the Scriptures say....

"In this world WE WILL HAVE TROUBLE but have peace because Jesus has overcome the world"!!!!!! 

I love having Jesus as my experienced driver in this inexperienced spiritual journey I am on......

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