Monday, May 30, 2016

Waves of Emotions

This weekend was an emotional roller coaster for me and at times hit me like waves of the ocean......

My second son graduated on May 27th, 2016 with 30 other graduates from the BHEA co-op. That in and of itself brought lots of emotions! I'm excited for him but nervous all at the same time. He is trying to finalize all the plans for college but the uncertainty brings some anxiety.

We held him a graduation party, although it was a small turnout the weather was fabulous and those who attended seemed to have an amazing time! We are thankful for everyone who showed love to our son!! 

My heart was so full as I walked around and saw everyone either playing volleyball, bocci, tether ball, playing baton, eating and/or talking! I love to create an environment for others to have a good time!!

I was overwhelmed by the generosity of family sending cards and filling the advice sheets out for Owen, the support means a lot to Him.

I was blessed by two friends, who have become like family to our family, that would travel five & ten hours to attend my son's ceremony and graduation.  It was so nice to reunite!  We had so much fun playing volleyball, corn hole, euchre & catch phrase. The staying up well past 1:00 a.m. is getting harder on me but the late night chats were awesome! I have spent two days recovering (FYI)

 Among the excitement of watching my son graduate, hosting company for 5 days, throwing a graduation party;  my oldest had decided to go back to Nebraska to serve at the camp we all left a year ago. I spent several days in prayer previously because this is the first time he was leaving the nest. It is only for the summer now, but the reality that both my boys are old enough to be independent had me an emotional mess. I worry whether they will be mature and responsible enough. I pray that the things we have taught them will carry them through their hard times. On top of that I get back lash from people who their children leaving wasn't as hard on them, they assume it should be easy for everyone. So, then I feel guilty and ashamed of my heart being broken! I know we raise our children up to become independent but it doesn't soften the blow for when the day comes. A part of me feels like it has to do with being a young mother. I had no time before my kids came to "find my purpose in life" my children have always been a part of me.. and now seasons are changing leaving me uncertain. 

In addition to all of this Mike's last day is Tuesday at the job he has had since moving to Tennessee! I knew this day was coming and it is an answer to prayer. In order for him to have time to build the tiny homes he will need to work for himself. This can be a scary time because the jobs aren't stable currently. We are trusting in the Lord's provision. While drumming up some side jobs, Mike has an amazing opportunity to work with an organization called Team Effort. They work closely with habitat for humanity. Each week middle/high school students come to the camp and work on projects that the HOH has found in the community. Mike will work closely with the groups making sure materials are supplied for each project and jobs are running smoothly. We are hoping this will be a great stepping stone in the direction of building the tiny homes in the future!!! 

After the weekend I had and the emotions I have been experiencing I have had two, peaceful, relaxing days!! Such a great gift from the Father above!!

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