Sunday, June 19, 2016



~I am excited to announce that our first tiny home, to be used as transitional housing, will begin its building process this MONDAY and continue again at the end of July!!!


We have spent the last year adjusting to the new area, building relationships, and explaining our vision.  When we first moved here I was thinking we would get started right away building the tiny homes, but little did I know I had a lot to learn!! 
First, God works within the perimeters of his timing and His timing is perfect.  During a waiting season in life God is more important in your heart than the issue at hand.  He wants us to draw near to him so that we can grow.  It is in the "Be Still" moments that He will teach us, mold us, shape us into having a desire to be more like Him.  As we become willing to obediently follow his lead he begins to move and shift things around so that the glory be given to the Father, God!  Of course all of this takes time!!
  Second, God strips us from the things that are not needed to do his work. This comes in all forms but for me He continually works on stripping away my pride so that I can walk in humility. This is hard as I want to have a purpose in this process. I do, just not the way I want... My purpose is to be a vessel to be used BY HIM. Nothing more!! Again, this takes time!!
Third, God works to not only prepare our hearts but the hearts of those around us. He needs many willing to do the work.  We explain it as each ministry is a puzzle. We must find the proper puzzle pieces, the right people, that fits with the proper puzzle. This creates the most effective & efficient ministries when those whose hearts belong to the right ministry, because they are willing to put their passion behind something God wants us all to work together.  We form our own sense of community working together to advance the kingdom. Again this takes time!!
Lastly, God works on planting us like oaks of righteousness for the splendor of his glory. We must be planted deeply like the roots of oaks to weather the storms, and the attacks of the enemy.  The "perfect" weather does not exist. In fact, think about it.  If we only had sunny days all of our crops would burn and die. We need rain, wind, thunder and lighting to all cultivate and grow our fields, crops, gardens in return to feed us.  Likewise, we need this for our spiritual lives to cultivate and grow us. On occasions though the winds will rage, the trees will bend, the morning will never seem to come; all the while the dark produces fear, doubt, pain, hurt, worry and frustrations.  But as the enemy throws the attacks we must stand like the oak trees, so when morning comes we can boldly stand and say we have weathered the storm.  Again this takes time!!


In preparations for planting this new ministry lots of work and prayer has been invested into it.  A few of my deepest concerns has been for a lack of support.  (Not just with finances) And to make sure this is all legit! I worry with making sure we are doing everything right.  I guess I should have said in the paragraph above that not only is God working on my pride He also is working on my worrying!! OH, how I struggle with this!! 

When I start to struggle I think of all the times God has been faithful and know that he will continue to be faithful. The same God who splint the Red Sea, & Jordan river will again be faithful in this!!  I love the saying
 "If God calls you to it He will equip you for it" In preparation God has lined up our first church short term missions project to build the first tiny home to be used as a model for what's to come. We needed someone who was willing to create our first tiny home so we are able to work through all the logistics of what this will entail.  United Faith, from Valley, Nebraska is sending a group of approximately 12 volunteers down at the end of July as a short term mission project to complete this task. We are so blessed that they are willing to walk along side of us to be the first church. Their support means a great deal to us.  While they are currently still raising funds to meet this need, God has provided another organization to step in and prepare the floors of this tiny home which will cut down on the cost of funds needed for the church!

I love how God works!!  To rewind for just a moment...

Several months back I was talking to a friend about the vision the Lord gave to Mike. As I was explaining one of the ways we would love to fund the tiny homes; which is to create a short term mission project for small churches to come and serve, she got this huge smile on her face. She believed our conversation was a divine appointment as she had connections with an organization that already did this short of thing.   She said we needed to connect with an organization called Team Effort.  She helped us make the connection, as it turned out Mike was given the opportunity to work with them over the summer.  During the interview process Mike shared his vision with them and they were excited.  The leader who currently works for them in this area has a heart to work along side other ministries!  The very idea of having groups come on short term missions to help is what they already do!!  They work in the community to give helping hands to those who need projects done!!  I couldn't believe it!!  Another awesome piece of information about Team Effort.... it is ran like a camp.. (hello I think we have some experience in that...) we attended out first chapel service this past Thursday and it was such a treat!!
(it makes us miss Camp Rivercrest!!)  They have been a huge blessing already and Mike is able to mentor to the individual groups!!  Team Effort has a total of 23 different areas they serve, 21 of them in states while 2 areas are over seas. We pray that it will be Gods Will to continue to develop a partnership with them in the future!!

So one of the leaders and Mike were talking about how they needed another project to complete this summer. They started talking and over the weekend we prayed about whether or not they could help  us! 


And... so this MONDAY they will bring a group of middle/high school kids here to begin working on our first tiny home!! I am overwhelmed with gratefulness and nervousness all at the same time....   The time is now the Lord is about to do great and marvelous things as we begin the journey of creating homes for others in need.  

Will you join with me in prayer???
~Please pray for this group this week. 
~Please pray for our landlords who graciously and generously allow us to use their property. Pray they be blessed beyond measure...
~Pray for support.  I will need snacks and drinks to bless this group.
 (If anyone is willing to donate please let me know)
 ~Please pray the members of United Faith get completely funded and pray for traveling mercies upon them as they come at the end of July!! 
~Please pray that in all of this that God's name be lifted up and glorified!!

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