Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Though the seasons change.....

Though the music
And the songs we sing                       
We still lift our
To our loving God and King
Though the seasons
change Your love remains
Your love remains
Lord, You’ve been faithful
To plant the seed
And You will be
To always send Your rain

In the last few weeks there have been so many changes that have been taking place in my life, some good and some not so good.   But as I am working through these changes I am reminded that though the seasons changes God will lovingly hold my hand and guide me through them. It is so hard I feel like an emotional roller coaster.   I desire to lean on Him, Although the seasons change I know HIS LOVE REMAINS. I am literally taking it a day at a time. I remind myself how FAITHFUL GOD IS!! 

I am so glad I just did the bible study Breaking Free with Beth Moore. I have learned that God wants us to live an abundant life! If anything hold us back from experiencing such a life, God will work on us to alleviate the things that hold us back.  He is in the business or restoration and healing!!  These last few weeks has shown me that yes I do struggle with insecurities, fears and doubts.   I have felt so out of control, but I am reminded that I am not in control to begin with. When I'm experiencing these feelings often times than not I have "taken back" something I have placed at Christ feet.

 I am reminded of the goodness God wants His children to experience. I feel like we get so wrapped up in experiencing sorrow, pain or struggles that we forget that we can have joy in the midst of these things. WE don't need to feel guilty, that although we may not like the circumstances or the decisions of others around us that effect us, these words from Elevation "Hidden" comes to mind:

We still can trust God completely and listen to Him intently
God guides us through the shadows.

Hidden by Elevation (ft. Will Reagan)

There was One when I was Young
Who knew my heart
He knew my
He held my hand
And He led me to trust Him 
Now I am hidden, in the safety of your love
I trust Your heart, and Your intentions
Trust You completely, I'm listening intently
You'll guide me through these many shadows                     
As I grow and as I change
May I love you more deeply
I will lean upon Your grace
I will lean because Your goodness is unending

You are my vision, my reason for living
 You kindness leads me to repentance
I can't explain it, this sweet assurance
But I've never known this kind of friend
The sun, moon and stars shout your name
they give you reverence and I will do the same
With all my heart I give you glory
I want to seek you first
I want to love You more
I want to give you the honor you deserve


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