Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Confession: I feel as If I have been walking in the wilderness

Image result for scriptures about the wildernessImage result for Duet 8:2"Confession: I feel as if I have been walking around in the wilderness; I am beat down, lonely and abandoned. As I cry out to God the words "You've called and I see" toss around in my spirit but it means little at first.  I am sowing but reaping little to no return as a harvest. As I stand in the middle of my wilderness the winds of my circumstances blow around me. I can do nothing. I have tried to reach out and maintain some control. But this doesn't happened.
I want it to stop... it doesn't.
I desire more... I'm required to wait.
I want to rely on those around me.. they are taken away from me.
I want less to handle.... I am given more.
I want to understand... God's thoughts are higher

When does it stop?  Yet the words in my spirit.....
"You've called and I see" continue to be heard; as some form of peace in the midst of the chaos. There isn't much I can do about my circumstances but I can change the way I look at my circumstances...."

 I recently listened to a sermon by Priscilla Shirer called
"Have you abandoned your boat?"  based on the parable in Luke 5...
Image result for scripture about god seeing youSimon had been fishing all night but had caught no fish.  Meanwhile the crowds pressed into Jesus.  Jesus was looking around for a platform so that others could hear the value of His words. He looked and saw Simon. He had fished all night and caught no fish.   Simon got out of the boat, and Jesus stepped in.  When we allow Jesus to step into our messy and empty places we allow him to use the useless parts of our lives; and he will take the useless parts and make them useful.
In His sovereignty He will allow our platforms to become empty so he has a place to stand and to teach others. As we stand empty with our deficiencies and in our weaknesses God can step in and replace the whole that has been created with His strength.
Image result for isaiah 55 my thoughts are not your thoughts God calls us to risky, reckless places of faith because it is better to stand in the deep with His favor, & blessings surrounding us than in the shallow waters, on our own two feet using our own strength.
You see the shallow waters are meant to teach others but the deep waters are to teach YOU! It is where we have a divine encounter with God. It is in these places God does great things abundantly, extending mercy, showing His goodness.  It is in the deep we can tell others..

Image result for scripture about god seeing you
This message resonated in me since I am in a wilderness.  It isn't a place I would originally choose to be.  But if this is a place I need to be in so that the Lord can empty me, so that He can step into my wholes of my life and fill them with His strength, providing a way in the wasteland, then I say the same thing Simon said in Luke 5:5 "But because you say, I will".
What situation are you going through that you do not want to be in?  If it meant you were to be in that situation so that can God empty you, so that He could use you as a platform to bring His name glory would you be more willing to invest again?

Would you be willing to except the fact that even though you are not in control, God IS?  

I have to trust that no matter what season of life I am in; regardless of the lesson that is being taught,  

God sees, God hears and God WILL DELIVER!!


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