Monday, February 13, 2017

The lessons of the WILDERNESS

Image result for verse about wilderness                  Lessons from the wilderness
                                            (info from Unashamed by Christine Caine)

~A land of great purpose
~Its filled with unknowns-A season exposes how vulnerable we are
~A Place where negative mindsets would be exposed such as:
  wrong thoughts, attitudes, longings, habits, doubts, fears, unbelief, emptiness & unforgiveness
~Can be dramatic & all-consuming
~A place where God will strengthen hearts & souls, transform minds so that they will no longer    think as defeated slaves but victorious free people

    If you are going to overcome walls and giants that awaits you in the promise land we need to:

*strengthen damaged hearts, souls and minds so that they will know how to live and thrive in the promise land
* have internal settings recalibrated
* unlearn certain things and relearn other things on the way to the Promise Land

                       We would all love to by pass the wilderness, but there are not shortcuts...
                                 To get to the Promise Land we must through the wilderness

~We shouldn't fight the process by grumbling, complaining, or resisting the work
  God wants to do in US.
~It's how God prepares us to be well able to overcome giants in our lives
~It's a place we cycle through over & over again in our lives but in different areas
~It is the path to freedom God has chosen
~God leads, transforms, delivers, and frees us during the wilderness
~We just have to decide that where He leads, we will follow

                                                 God's goals is spiritual freedom

 *a life not longer bound by weights or shames, false guilt, and relentless regret
 *fear & worries
 *no longer captive to self-protective responses that keep us repeating those same old patterns

          God's goal for us is not to merely to change our circumstances its to CHANGE US!

                                                                Hitting a wall

 ~Walls are anything that have the power to make us feel trapped in shame

~Sometimes when God is ready to move us in another area of a promised land, territory is needed for the next phase of our journey and the wall between us and that additional land needs to come down

What's your invisible wall? (Identify the wall)

1 John 1:9 "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness "

Zech 4:6 " Not by might.. but by the Spirit says the Lord

~Even though circumstances seem, and are, impossible; God gives us the promise land-because all things are possible to him who believe

                                     You must believe the truth of God's word over the facts
                                                               of Your circumstances

So how do we take down our walls?

Search God's word for instruction
Willingly obey God-we must trust Him
                    learning to trust him takes:
                   * experience
                   * repetition
                   * failing
                   * challenges, trials & tests
                   * risking following God in the face of our fears
                   * TIME-lots of it
                   * trust has to grow

                        We must put our faith in what we DO KNOW about GOD
                                        than in what we DONT KNOW about the FUTURE

1 John 1:5 " This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all."


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