Tuesday, May 30, 2017

It's been TWO YEARS

     I can't believe it's been 2 years since we moved to Tennessee!!!! As I sit here this morning and reflect on the last two years; as in any season of time there have been a wide arrange of emotions through the ups and downs, twists and turns!
      We often think things will go a specific way if we carefully calculate it, plan it, organize it and see it through. However God's plans are not our plans and his ways are not our ways.

"We can make our plans but the Lord determines our steps." Proverbs 16:9

     I was talking with a friend the other day and explained how I feel most of my life has some form of a waiting season mixed within the current season of life I am in at the time. But think of seasons in terms of the weather. We wouldn't expect to wear a winter coat in the summer, or a bathing suit in the winter.. but we will get rain no matter the season. I feel this is like waiting. We must give up certain things when they are no longer needed while in the current season of life;  but need to be prepared for the rain or waiting at all times. It's in the waiting we learn valuable lessons if we are prepared and willing to learn what is put before us. Each time will bring a degree of difficulty and in that we must Trust that God's plan is in His perfect timing.

     So as I was reflecting on these past years, a few things haven't gone exactly the way I thought they would go, but we also have had unexpected blessings we weren't counting on as well. It's amazing all the things that can happend in a short period of time. Life passes us by in a blink of an eye sometimes..

~My oldest son, Kirk, turned 21
~My daughter had her sweet 16
~Owen graduated from High school
~Lyvvie got her driver's license
~Mike & I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary
~We planted our ministry "The Tiny Home Village"
~The boys moved out into their own place
~Lyvvie just finished her sophomore year

     These are just a few highlights of the past two years. While I can't control how fast life passes us by I can surely try to embrace it. During these two years I have had to walk a few valleys and put my eyes on the God who has made it all. I have experienced a view mountain tops praising God for the experiences..
     One of the BIGGEST blessings I have been through just recently is the healing of my back! Five long years of suffering, and in God's timing He is slowing, bit by bit, making me stronger! I could scream from the roof tops knowing how good He is!!   In doing my part I have decided to venture down the long road of becoming healthy!  (Not that God needs us to do anything for Him to give us a free gift of GRACE) The journey is long but I'm taking it one step at a time! I had tried back in 2011 before I herniated my discs again. I had ran 4 5Ks that summer and was feeling great. I fell off the bandwagon pretty hard when I hurt my back,  but in life when we fall down we must get back up again! I wished it hadn't taken me 5 years to get back up but  it did.. and now I'm doing something about it!! :)   Since January I have lost 37 pounds. I want to be used by God without any limitations! I don't have a specific number as my focus isn't on the scale. But, I do want to be healthy and so however much I need to loose to do that I want to! I don't want it to just be about weight though. For too long I had focused on food being a form of diet, if we chose to partcipate or not,  not taking into any account of the nutritional value it provides.  Becoming healthier is not just about the food; It's about the habits, the patterns, the mental & emotional mindset, it's about the water intake & the exercise. There is so much to learn. I get discouraged easily but again I'm learning about Progress and taking it one step at a time!
    One of the things we are still praying and waiting for is land for the The Tiny Home Village. At times I have questioned it even wondered why there was so much movement for awhile and then really nothing right now. I do know that when a tree grows in order to see its fruit the roots must be established. We never see the growth of the roots but do see the fruit a tree produces. I would like to think the roots of the ministry is growing so that it will bear much fruit in due season!
     Our family has developed some good friendships these past two years. We have been so blessed by God's goodness as He knows exactly who we need in our lives at just the right moment!!  On the other hand I have really struggled with the fact God has removed some great friends from our lives as well!! 

     I am thankful we serve a God who has everything in the palm of His hands. While we may not see the reason behind certain situations or circumstances we can trust that God's has a plan for each of our lives!! 


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