Thursday, August 28, 2014


 Have you ever been so focused on one thing, or area of your life something else comes out of no where and springs forth and becomes your focus????

Well this has happen to me, in fact not necessarily new, but the re-direction & timing is new....  Let me explain.....

A year ago I had wanted to start an online ladies bible study through face book due to the fact schedules always seem to conflict.  The idea was there but not the follow through..  IT became a back burner kind of idea not knowing if the interest would be there.  The last couple of weeks I have truly been seeking God; the area that I feel he is working on me the most is the "BUSYNESS" of life!! I felt he had pruned me well enough when we moved out here, however sometimes things start growing back.  It is so easy for me to forget, as I struggle with this.. (I could probably count many times my blog was about this) But the neat thing is that sometimes we learn something new each time we walk through the areas that are harder to be pruned.  In fact, wandering why I felt that I was struggling with joy & peace it was laid on my heart that once again I was trying to do many things good instead of doing a few things well!!! I feel He is/was preparing me as the Fall/Winter Season becomes a time for me to serve and build relationships!! There is nothing wrong with doing just like Martha/Mary, but I must remember that before the doing must come the resting!! I want to be working with God and not against Him as I believe He has MIGHTY things to do in our lives and in our MARRIAGES!! So here are a few things that God is redirecting my focus back too:

I have several instances:
1)  This blog was given to me to use as a tool to minister to others through my daily struggles, weaknesses, strengths and simply to share our journey of walking in ministry.  Although, I find great joy to write when God lays something on my heart to write about, I often neglect it for various of reasons.
2) God has put it on my heart to speak to others such as in speaking engagements.. It has always been a secret passion of mine. However, due to the fear of my stuttering, lack of focus and simply lack of getting my point across I have been afraid to seek this path out!! Lately, I have been laying in bed and "messages" have started coming to mind... Almost as if "preparation" is going on!!
3) Online support for ladies to strengthen their marriages!!  Because we serve a God of restoration, both Mike and I have a desire to be used as examples to show others the power of Marriage... I often times give encouraging words to others and then use my same words as good advice.  Mike and I say that we ourselves choose bible studies and such because that is the very area of our lives we are struggling in and need the help!! Doing it together just gives us accountability!!  
If you would like to be a part of the face book group I have created, called "31 & Beyond" to be encouraging and compete in the challenges of putting our spouse first, then let me know so that I may add you.. If you are already added please take the time to look at it and tell me what you think?

With this said I feel as if my direction is being redirected right now back to the things he has originally called me to start and share.  In addition, we hope to kick off our marriage classes, and then be able to start a home study again soon!!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

In my quite little corner.....

Well the long hours at camp has subsided, as camp has moved quickly into retreat season! I love this time of year because we are able to do many things with our time!! So I thought I would share with you what is happening in our quite (okay maybe LOUD) little corner!!!

*The kids decided to get involved with sports again. 
We are doing this cautiously, we do not want it to become a wedge between the many other things that we need to do.  I do know that we are called to be a light in this dark world; we are stronger now and feel we are ready to tackle this on! With that said in order to participate in public school, while in high school you have to follow state guide lines.  Therefore to meet the requirements Owen is taking Chemistry, Spanish, Small Engine & Welding & Strength & Conditioning.   I am both nervous and excited all at the same time for this.  I believe as long as we can maintain a positive attitude, regardless of his learning disability we will be able to succeed in this!!  The other thing that is new is that he was only going to play basketball.  However, he wants this year to fly by and wants to keep as busy as possible and has decided that he will play football as well!!! I am NOT a football mom, I love watching football but do not like my kids playing; on the other hand Mike loves it and is excited about our new adventure!!
Lyv wanted to play volleyball again this year, so she will be doing the specials at Cedar; which are PE, Art, tech and FCS (family, consumer science)
So what the schedule looks like is this:
Kids go to Cedar from 8:00-9:30
Come home will do their core classes Home schooling
Kids go back to Cedar from 2:00-3:30

This schedule will be pretty intense.  We will need to stay on top of things, which means I have to be organized!! I have been praying for discipline for awhile now!! However, the schedule is not impossible; the kids are looking forward to ME not giving them as MUCH WORK!!

*Mike and I will be taking a marriage class
I am working on getting this set up, we have already bought the curriculum and will be excited to see where this leads!!

*Mike and I will be announcing our next home study soon. 
We are currently still praying on which one to land on... More info on this later!

*It didn't take me long to start planning some much needed events!
On the calendar is a Mother/Daughter Bunco night, A coffee Social hour for Ladies, & a BBQ/Corn Hole tourney!!  We are looking forward to all of these.....

*Our family will be taking a vacation August 29th-Sept 7th
We feel it is very important to refresh, relax and renew our priorities for our family. Although, at this point it doesn't look like we will be going anywhere (Unless God has OTHER PLANS!!) nonetheless, will be very nice to have the time off! Mike & I's 18th anniversary is Sept 7th, and hoping that we will be able to do something to celebrate!!

*Mike and I will be hosting a home school day event @ Camp this upcoming Saturday for an Omaha group. 
This connection has allowed us to set in motion a Winter Family Camp this upcoming January 30th/31st... Open to all families!! (Save the date..) We are very excited about the opportunity to put another family event on the camp's calendar!! If you are interested in doing an overnighter @ camp please let us know.. We are working on a flyer and more info!!! WE are praying for the families already!!

(**We were able to work out an AMAZING, AWESOME deal**)