Friday, October 17, 2014

Preparing for a BATTLE!!


These last few days; I feel as if God is preparing me for a battle.. Only He knows what that will look like.  As I have been mediating on HIS WORD... I didn't realize how many scriptures pertained to a "battle" of some kind. (to find a few)
There is a song that comes to mind as I read many of these verses:

by:Jamie Owens-Collins
"In heavenly armour we'll enter the land
The battle belongs to the Lord
No weapon that's fashioned against us shall stand
The battle belongs to the Lord

The power of darkness comes in like a flood
The battle belongs to the Lord
He's raised up a standard, the power of His blood
The battle belongs to the Lord

When your enemy presses in hard do not fear
The battle belongs to the Lord
Take courage my friend, your redemption is near
The battle belongs to the Lord"

In a conversation I had with a friend many years ago; I had asked her about preparing for ministry and her words still ring true to my ears, even now... She said "God will not put you in the front lines of a battle without first preparing you for it"

Think about it in terms of being a parent.  We would never put our children in any kind of situation, first and for most without considering the level of maturity & responsibility that they display. 
For example, last week my daughter went to her first home coming dance.
After evaluating the situation and coming to the conclusion that she would be save in the surroundings (due to the dance only being a middle school dance, and that the group was going just as friends and no dates) we gave permission for her to go. 
 I had a conversation with friends who was struggling with letting their daughter go to the dance.  During the conversation I had mentioned that both girls are very trust worthy and mature in their age, given neither parent a reason to doubt their judgment, to which they agreed.  I think the hardest part is just watching our kids grow up!!

Now, would we have allowed her to go two years ago?? NO! Because she wasn't ready to go. But also, when we as parents make decisions for our children we can't make them based on anxiety and fear.  We could possibly miss opportunities for our children & disregard their individuality.

I say all of this because this is what our heavenly Father does with each and everyone of our situations as well.  He doesn't make a decision for our lives based on someone else.  He doesn't make a decision based on fear or anxiety. Nor does he put us in a situation until we are mature and ready for that situation.  This gives me reassurance knowing the seasons of life we go through is because they have come from the hand of the Lord.  He orders each and everyone of our steps. Each path will be different from another.  There is so much to learn in the path that we take, But as we put our Trust in the Lord we can stand on the promise that He will guide and protect us every step of the way!!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Piece by Piece

It's amazing how at different parts of your journey God will reveal pieces of information.. piece by piece!!  It is reassuring to know He will only reveal as much as we can comprehend.  A few weeks ago I felt as if there was a wave of information and now it is back to the waiting game. I have spoken to Mike and we both agree that we are ready to share with everyone what God has laid on our hearts!! Of course this is all in HIS timing so we will wait while taking steps to get us to the next chapter in our lives....

Mike and I had an interesting Monday a few weeks ago. As God was throwing pieces at us we were trying to collect them all and figure out how this all works with in OUR PLANS.. But then it hit me.. No matter how spiritual you are or how "right with God" you are; it ceases to amaze me how we can "humanize" His Will for & in Our lives.... And that is what I was doing that Monday. As Mike was pouring out his heart to me I instantly started to think of how things were going to work out according to my thoughts and my ways..                                                                      
Isaiah 55:8-9 AND Ephesians 3:20 have plagued my mind lately.....

So I needed a few days to really comprehend what we will be doing and to be fully willing to accept this challenge even though it still scares me!! I am giving that to the Lord as I stand on the promise that he Has Overcome this world and HE WILL overcome my FEAR!! I also keep asking myself if this is just a test... the whole Abraham/Isaac thing plays in the back of my mind.  No matter what I still want to acknowledge the fact that God is stirring in our hearts something that IS ABOUT TO COME... A CHANGE!

Our vision:
Mike wants to build a village for the homeless..
 We want to purchase some land to put a few homes on.. Mike wants to put up buildings "small homes" for the homeless to live in. These homes would be the size of like an outdoor shed.. The village would also have a building for laundry and a classroom to do devotions and classes.  (Honestly it is very similar to that of the Dream center; however that is in St. Louis) 
To achieve this we are looking at several possibilities...
1)  Mike will go back into the "field" for awhile
2) We are researching and entertaining the idea of cashing our pension
3) We would like to put a "storage shed" up on the property we were to purchase so that we can generate funds this way
4) We will seek financial support for those who would be willing to support us
5) We will work & serve a different camps as well along this journey

Now of course we do not know how or when we will arrive at this vision but do know, from last experience, when things start opening up and moving it tends to happened pretty quickly!! 

How this all will work out is uncertain to us, but our steps have already been laid out and know that God does have a plan for us to continue in ministry.  What this will look like is beyond us... We are just taking one step at a time!! This is where TRUST comes in and having the knowledge that sometimes Faith requires UNANWERED questions.....

Will you join with us in prayer as we seek God's direction & pray for the obedience to follow His Will??????  Your support means a great deal to our family. A family who is, just a vessel for the Lord, willing to do His work for him!!