Friday, December 5, 2014

Why do kids have to grow up??

It feels like it was just yesterday that the children loved doing all the holiday activities such as: Decorating cookies, setting up & decorating the Christmas tree, hanging lights, caroling, Christmas programs, doing charity events, visiting Santa, organizing family holiday pictures,  drinking hot cocoa etc. etc.

And now.. it is a hassle for them to do anything.. I desperately want to hold onto those fun memories of us doing the things together... Is it too much to ask?

I truly know what the true meaning of Christmas is and we do celebrate that; however the season just is not as fun since the kids are not little anymore!

I would have so many people tell me  "cherish your children while they are little" I did most the time but I don't think we truly comprehend that concept until we are out of that season and then long for it again! Embracing the season you are in now can often times be difficult. The excitement isnt there for the holidays. I actually would get mad when people would say that to me because I wanted to cherish all stages of my children regardless of their age. Although I love the stage that my kids are in now; which brings freedom, responsbilities, trust & friendships, I do understand now what others was so kindly trying to share with me. I think sometimes we just get so caught up in survival mode when the children are little we often forfeit the living abundantly during that stage of life which then ultimately causes us to wish the time away! At least that's what I experienced some times... I just couldn't wait for them to be older so I didn't feel so tied down. Now, as I sit here on this sad evening because our evening of making holiday memories has been a bust; I go down memory lane remembering the excitement that filled the air.. I am left with a question.... how do I cherish this stage of life when all I want is the fun memories??

Monday, December 1, 2014

Can you do without?

Have you asked yourself what you could do with out, if you had too?

A phone definitely didn't seem like it should be on the top of the list however due to us living in such a fast pace, high social media society you can't go long without thinking of calendars, twitter, instagram, facebook, & texting...

But when you remove an object or thing from your day or even week you realize just how connected you have become.. this happened to me this past week while home visiting for the holidays.. I broke my phone the first day into our vacation. At first I thought about all the tweets I couldn't do....the pictures I couldn't post... and the updates I couldn't make.. but I realized quickly that those things wasn't what I was visiting. I was visiting with friends & family for the holidays.. it was neat that I had my phoned forced from my hand sort of speak.. so that I could realize that ALL too many times I am not giving the UNDIVIDED attention to those around me that deserve the attention. I decided that I wasn't going to allow a broken phone to define my visit. In fact it ended up being a blessing to realize that I needed to hang the phone up for a bit and focus on what really matters!!!!

When my face was out of the phone my eyes were open to the epidemic we are modeling for our children! I honestly did not go anywhere without seeing this engagement.  I started to think of the memories I am leaving behind for those around me. I want to be an example.. a light for Christ. If I am spending so much of my time distracted will I miss an opportunity to share & be the light that God is calling me to be?? It definitely has me thinking.. and If I could choose to leave an imprint in society I would want others to see the passion I have for Christ instead of the passion I have for an object!!!