Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My word for 2016....

I have taken a few days to ponder on a word I would focus on for this upcoming year. I looked over my lists of goals to see what I would like to accomplish. At the end of the day the things I didn't accomplish last year were things I avoided because of a struggle or challenge. 
 I asked myself why? Of the fruits of the spirit,  the hardest one for me is self control.
By definition self control is:
"Control of one's emotions, desires, or actions by one's own will" 
Synonyms of self control are:
Essentially self control is the same as self discipline.. self discipline is no easy task but without it we miss out on character building. 
This year my word will be 
Self discipline should transform the whole person; thoughts, speech, behavior,  & body. 
~Areas I want to work on are studying scriptures & praying more consistently. One of my goals is to be more effective in my Christian witness in particularly sharing the gospel with others.
On a personal level I want to improve areas such as:
Finishing what I start
Practicing self-denial
Getting organized
Being on time
Accepting responsibility 
Utilizing my time wisely for
 creativity, stimulating and challenging things
 (instead of so much time on facebook)
Prioritizing my tasks
~Some verses I will work on memorizing this year will be the following:
Titus 1:8
Galatians 5:22-23
Proverbs 25:28
2 Timothy 1:7
Proverbs 3:11-12
Hebrews 12:11
Hebrews 12:1
2 Peter 1:5-7
I am eager to see what the new year holds. I am, both, excited and nervous to work on such a word. But I know it will produce a harvest of righteousness & peace!  Its time to embrace the new year... 2016 is coming ready or not!!!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Reflecting over 2015

Wow!!  I cant believe we have a few days left in the year 2015.  I remember when I was a kid it seemed as if the years slowly went by. Now that I am an adult I feel the opposite is true. At any rate I wanted to take the time to slow it down a bit to reflect over the year to look back at the goals I had set  and then to set new goals for the upcoming year.

Looking back at last years goals I feel I successfully did 7 of the 10.  I could focus on the negative here and how I wished I could have met all these goals; however, I will focus on the positive knowing I worked hard this year and did more than half!

One of my goals last year was to read 12 books. It was a low number, but I am a slow reader and have a hard time comprehending.  For years I have avoided reading; but, in setting this goal I gained a new found love for reading again.  Not only did I achieve my goal but I accomplished it by three times!!  I will be putting this one back on my list of goals to focus on.

Another goal was to focus on Mike and My relationship. I will continue to do this so we can continue to strengthen our marriage.  We will be celebrating 20 years this year, so we would love to go away.  Definitely a goal to work towards. I am thinking a cruise... But we will see!! 

My word for 2015 was communication.  When I choose this word I truly thought I would be focusing more on communicating with those around me in less of a social media kind of way. However, the Lord revealed to me that my word was meant for me to be in better communication with Him! I have learned a lot this year.  In fact, I have always wanted to journal. I usually start but never finish. So this year I am putting this on my list of goals to focus on and will try to work at persevering through out the year.  I am praying about this upcoming word for the year 2016......

Some of the goals I didn't reach were:
~Memorizing the book of James, which I will continue to do this year
~I can't say I yielded 100% to the Lord  & His desires as this is a work in progress along with being the Mom I need to be for each of my kids.  I would say I was a bit more intentional but not consistently. I will continue these this year as well. 
~MY BLOG I will continue to work on being more consistent with this

In addition I will be adding these goals to focus on in 2016: 

 ~The Dave Ramsey Financial Peace
~Adjusting to the new area, establishing friendships and starting small groups & bible studies
~Listening to Gods leading as we wait for His Timing for the vision  & the reason He called us to Tennessee
~Opportunities to share the gospel and to witness the salvation of others

Hebrews 12:1
 "Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us"

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Day 11-21 of Thanksgiving... A visit

So obviously while I was visiting Nebraska for the last 10 days I fell off the bandwagon of sharing my thankfulnes!!
To clarify, Just because I haven't posted doesn't mean I am not thankful I just have missed doing the challenge... So to sum up what I have been thankful for and to share a bit of my visit I thought I would group it all together...... so here you go!! 

11) First time plane rides....

This was my first experience and I am glad I got to share it with my daughter! To set the record straight for all those around I annoyed greatly with my anxiety... I actually LOVED FLYING!!! :)

12) The tickets were a blessing to us.

I am thankful for the generosity of caring people who are willing to step in other lives to fill a grandparent role. I am extremely thankful for the tickets. Words can't express my gratitude but I will be forever thankful and humble by those who are willing to make a difference!! 

13) My daughter turned 15!!!

I am so thankful for her. She is my miracle baby in more ways than one. I am over joyed to have a beautiful daughter who is sugar and spice and everything nice. I love her more than words can ever express. I look at her and see the lady she is becoming and thank God for giving me a chance at raising her!!

14) Scrap book retreats...

One of the many perks of working at camp is partcipating in their retreats. When we moved away I was bummed that I wouldn't get to go to the craft retreat.... (that and family camp are my personal favorites) So when I found out I was going back during that time I was super excited & thankful. It is an amazing opportunity to do those projects you have been putting off for the year... a way to fellowship with other women... eat awesome food and just be away from all responsibilities for the weekend!!

15) Amazing friendships....

I am Thankful for the many friendships God has put in my path. I cherish each of my friends and value the beauty that it comes with. I am blessed beyond measure when it comes to those who share life with me near or far.

16) Pastor Carl & Janet....
I am Thankful for my Nebraska pastor and his wife. They are mentors to me. They not only preach the love of Jesus but they act like the love of Jesus. They simply don't live it on Sunday they live it through out their whole lives. To see the eyes of the Father through their eyes is a love I am very thankful for. I am blessed to have been under his leadership & their counsel!!!

17) Special Days....

I am thankful that others will be giving of their time that they put aside special days to spend with you. We shared in a coffee social while we were back (of which I am thankful for)  and a girls shopping trip. Now those who know me know I am not particularly keen on shopping but I love the time that is spent together. I would have to say Lyvvie was really spoiled during this shopping trip!! :) 

18) Scooters.....

Scooters is a coffee place that I am thankful for. It isn't so much about the place but the tradition of meeting a few good friends there to enjoy coffee and comrade!! My visit back couldn't go without the tradition of meeting at scooters with a precious friend of mine. I was bummed that our mutal friend couldn't make it but I do know I am loved by her...

19) Sharing birthdays with friends... 

So my birthday is Christmas eve and a dear friend of mine her birthday is the day after Christmas.Growing up our birthdays may or may not have been forgotten.. let's face it, it is hard to compete with Jesus' birthday (haha)   We have had the tradition of going out for our birthdays, giving each other birthday gifts in either birthday wrapping paper or bags NOT CHRISTMAS or holiday wrapping paper and just remembering each other. So I am thankful for our little breakfast together and a chance to remember each other for our December birthdays!! 

20) Hospitality.....

 I can not go this whole trip with out being Thankful for the hospitality others show!! From a couple who opened up their home for both me & my daughter while visiting, from my daughters' friend families opening their homes on quick, short notices, from the camp allowing us to come back nightly to finish scrapbooking to friends who open their homes just for an hour and have coffee ready....I am thankful for hospitality both in large and small doses...One of My love languages are acts of service so I am shown love by these simple yet priceless acts of kindness!! 

21)  And finally Experiences.....

I am thankful for experiences. For it is that which shapes the mind that will hold lastly the memories that are created for such a time.... The experiences we have are what turns to memories later. Although the time comes when we no longer experience the experiences we forever hold on to the memories for which it was created!! 

^^^^^ ok.. I am not sure this makes sense but I felt like a poet so I am keeping it!!! Hahahaha~

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Day 10 of Thanksgiving... Fieldtrips

Day 10... I am Thankful that my kids and I got to go to the Wildnerness of the Smokies for a few days for a home school field trip.

We always do something special the start of each school year. It has become a tradition since I have been homeschooling (5 years already!!) This year we had moved in June so I wasn't sure we would get to do something. The co-op we are involved with had information about this trip for discounted price for home school days in Sevierville. So instead of doing something the start of school year we waited until now! I kind of like this better so we get a fall break!! We spent two days @ the Wilderness  and then went to the Titanic Museum. What a fun tour! After John Jocelyn gave a presentation we then were given a boarding pass of a person who was on this ship. Once in character we then went on a self guided tour with a radio speaker sort of thing that explained different facts at each station. By the end of the tour, at the Memorial Wall, we found out if our character survived or perished. All five of our characters survived!!! Our tour took three hours!!! What a memorable field trip. I think our best one yet!  #welovehomeschooling #fieldtrip #blessings

Monday, November 9, 2015

Day 8 & 9 of Thanksgiving... Opportunities & Chances

Day 8: Opportunities

   ~On day 8 I am thankful for opportunities...
Everyday opportunities  that otherwise would get overlooked as blessings if we didn't take the time to reflect on them.  I am talking about..
The opportunity to spend TIME with my kids
The opportunity to SHARE life with my family
The opportunity to WALK boldly out of your comfort zone
The opportunity to BUILD relationships with others
The opportunity to ENJOY family....
Life can be hard at times. As we pass through times when the road is harder, we can take the opportunity to TRUST in those we love around us to help us walk through it.  We can take the opportunity to EXCEPT the blessings our loved ones give to us.  When times are easy and life is easier we have the opportunity to CHERISH those around us. We can take the opportunity to serve & be a BLESSING as well.
We also can take the opportunity to SHARE our struggles, trials, pains, hurts, joys, & happiness;  as our testimony can help show love to others. We can take the opportunity to SHOW the love of Christ & reflect His image. Lastly, we can take the opportunity to BUILD MEMORIES as the moments can & will pass us by!!

Day 9: Chances to Serve
Today I'm thankful for the many chances to serve.  Todays chance in particular i sthe chance to serve my kids. God has blessed me with three amazing children..They help me out a lot. I love when I get the chance to surprise them and serve them. Going beyond what they expect... after all our Heavenly Father does that for us!!!