Thursday, May 28, 2015


I feel this is long overdue but I wanted to share with you some of the things that we've done to prepare ourselves for moving but first let me give you a recap of our month of May.

It all started by us having a last BBQ for our friends. We invited several people over, ate hamburgers and hotdogs, played cornhole, sat around the fire and just enjoyed ourselves~

Owen attended the homeschoolJunior Prom~

Owen and I finished our algebra tutoring not to mention that we also finished our school!!!  What a race we ran with that; we were both exhausted, I'm so glad this year is behind us. I will have a Senior and a freshman!! Holy Moly~

Mike finished the bathroom remodel at camp along with all the other commitments we had to do. Our last commitment was Family Camp, I cried at the closing ceremony. God put that in our hearts to start at Rivercrest because Mike and I both had a passion to help marriages and families create lasting memories that would help them recconect, by providing a save environment to do so. I pray that it will continue to grow~
(BTW-WE had 22 families partcipate!)

We had a staff BBQ which turned out being a surprise going away party to honor our time at Rivercrest. Wow! I was a crying baby.. Rivercrest  will always hold a place in my heart~

We attended several graduations~

One of my besties visited from out of state for the graduations. We scheduled a ladies night craft/snack night. That was a lot of fun~

Lyv and I had a Mother/Daughter night out, with one of her best friends & Mom. We stayed at a hotel. The girls got ready to have dates with Dads. The Dads took them to the Texas Roadhouse. While there they presented them their purity rings♡ Once back at the hotel we drank coffee and ate cheesecake from the cheesecake  factory.. yummy! The Dads left so we all did facials and played Apples to Apples. Afterwards we went to bed. The girls woke up @ 6:30 to go swimming. The day consisted of pedicures, putt-putt, lunch, shopping and ice cream. We finished the day off with a photo shoot! It was such a fun day~

This month has flewn by. I can't believe back in September the Lord gave Mike a vision. We talked, prayed, talked & prayed more about the decision. After much consideration we made the decision to move ahead. Every time I had a doubt the Lord would give us peace about the decision we were making. I have compared the preparation of transitioning like a pregnant mother. Like the pregnant mother, we have gone through many phases. Each phase has brought along different emotions. By the 9th month she is ready to birth her newborn with great expectation of what the future holds, all the while dealing with the anxiety of change. She questions the future, but eagerly awaits the arrival. As the labor begins the pains are suttle with a bit of  discomfort. But, In order for there to be new life she must go through a painful process. Just like the pregnant mother, Our labor has begun. We are filled with anxiety of what tomorrow will bring, but We eagerly await what God is calling us to. However, I am filled with the sadness of saying goodbye to friends who have become like family.  I question the future but know God has bigger plans! I know that the pain I am experiencing now is only the beginning to the new chapter in our journey. For that I am thankful. I know that sadness may last for a night, but the joys comes in the morning~

Our May commitments are over; we even turned in our keys & cards yesterday :(
As our last few days have been filled with packing, packing and more packing God in His loving, gentle ways reminds me that he is my shield and my protector.

We have taken breaks to enjoy a last game of euchre with our euchre playing friends :) 
We have taken breaks to eat down at camp (what a blessing - since we Have boxes everywhere)
We have taken breaks to go over to friends
I took a break to have my hair cut & colored (who knows the last time I will get it done again?!)
I will take a break tomorrow for a coffee social.
And... we will take a break to watch two of the past counselors at Camp get married tomorrow

In the midst of all that we will be ready to pull out of here on Saturday. We have truly enjoyed our (almost) 4 years here. We have created lots of memories, built lasting friendships & had an amazing experience.  For all of this.... We are truly grateful!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Only for a moment

I feel like the closer we get to moving to Tennessee the more Satan attacks by throwing various darts!! Darts are thrown to; distract you, to loose your focus, and to get you to fail at relying and/or trusting your faith.

Darts can look anything like:
lack of communication
medical problems

Today was no different with the fiery darts being tossed at me & my family.

Dart of Distraction:

I went to the doctor to have a second injection for my back;  they took my blood pressure and realized my blood pressure was too high for them to continue with the procedure. MY blood pressure was 200/122. The doctor wanted me to go the E.R. immediately. Worry, fear & anxiety crept in as we have no medical insurance and the last thing I want to be doing is accumulating medial bills before we relocate. I prayed asked God to lower my BP. I told the doctor that I could regulate it on my own but it was not open for discussion. He said I was very lucky that I hadn't suffered a stroke by this point. He also said that the blood pressure and pain is like a cycle. Yes the pain causes the high blood pressure  but that the high blood pressure  keeps me from healing properly due to the improper blood flow.

I knew I needed to take care of myself. I had some previous warning signs the last several days, not to mention I have struggled with this for quite a while now. Upon arrival to the E.R. my blood pressure was 217/148.. They immediately put an IV in to administer some meds.

Dart of "lack of focus":

Sadness immediately came over me as the realization of reality was hitting. You see several years ago I was diagnosed with a heart condition; two valves in my heart doesn't open and shut properly causing my blood to regurgitate. The doctor, then, had said that it shouldn't be a problem but in future it could cause high blood pressure and/or CHF. Knowing that once I start blood pressure medicine it is something I will need to conintue.  All of these emotions were plaquing me like a sea of waves tossing back in forth.

Dart of "Failing to rely on faith": 

I texted a friend to ask for prayers. She texted back to say  STOP WORRYING..


I love it when a friend speaks truth to you.. I was so focused on my problem that I wasn't focusing on the one thing I needed to be.. 

my faith..
My faith in a God who is so much bigger than any of these problems.

Her next text was:

"Standing on the promises of Christ My king!!!!"

As the words of this text began to penatrate into my soul I began to feel a peace & a calming. In that moment I realized that not everything turns out the way you want, hope or desire. But if each of these moments bring you a little closer to those who will literally jump in front of your fiery dart when you have litte strength  to do so, then I welcome the moments.

I am encouraged this evening by friends who will not only say they will pray, they PRAY. In moments of vulnerability,  in moments of weakness, in moments of despair.. they go to the throne on your behalf, and speak truth into a desperate heart.. who in that moment in time: Got distracted, lost her focus & failed to rely on her faith ..... but only for a moment!!