Monday, September 21, 2015

Life is a juggling act....

I may have mentioned this before but I simply can not believe my second son is a Senior this year! SIGH~~

My first son did not want to go to college so all of this preparation is new for me and a bit overwhelming. As I begin to be swallowed up with all the anxious thoughts I also focus my attentions on the path God has set before Owen. I do not know what the future holds for him, but I need to trust that His promises are true. 

Just like I need to trust that He is still working in the path of all His sons and daughters.  Each path looks differently; instead of fearing our paths we need to embrace them.  We also need to be accepting that there will be bumps, twists and turns in each of our paths.  I would never have chosen for myself some of things we have had to hurdle but I am thankful for God's faithfulness and His guidance.

Our school year is quickly approaching the first nine weeks of completion and I feel like I am just now getting back into the swing of things.  It reminds me of someone who is juggling swiftly, and efficiently but then they drop the items that they just had been confidently juggling.  It takes some time to pick up all the items as they can scatter all over. Time is taken to retrieve the items and then the practice of juggling begins and it seems the cycle begins all over.  In addition we experience seasons in our paths.
Each season brings "items" we must manage or juggle.
Once we manage to swiftly and efficiently juggle the items of the season we become confident.  We may add "items" OR "items" are added beyond our control.  Nonetheless, we do our best to keep it all together. 

But what happens when we drop these items, they scatter all over, and we simply do not want to pick them up? What if we realize the things that we dropped may have been in our best interest not to pick them back up?

I guess I went through this act of juggling a couple of months ago when we moved. During the process I dropped items; because the load I had been juggling was a huge load, the process of picking up all the items had taken me some time. I had to evaluate which things I wanted to juggle again, and which ones I wanted to leave on the floor.   In the process of doing all of this self evaluation life does not stop.  New "items" begin to collectively add up such as:
new schedules, activities, priorities
not to mention the "items" that are thrown in for refining our character, lessons that need to be learned, struggles, challenges, new worries and prayer requests.

Before you know it  "the act of juggling" continues whether we want it to or not.

And guess what.... We do it... because the Juggling Act is what we call LIFE!!  The lesson, however, is that the load we choose to juggle is a choice. The things that seem important at the time may actually be what is stealing the focus off of where it needs to be. 
Are we juggling the appropriate "items"?
At the end of the day, there are things we simply can not choose but what are we doing to advance the kingdom and are we juggling that item?
Are we laying certain items down at its due time?
Just like the seasons they come and go.  We do not want to be caught wearing a winter coat in the summer, nor do we want to wear a bathing suit in the winter. 

The path we walk looks differently for each of us.  Looking back over our journey I use these life experiences to remind me that as Owen prepares for the future he will begin is own juggling act sooner than I would like. But our job is to teach them to walk their own path depending on the Lord's strength to guide and direct them!!  My desire is that Owen will always be obedient to that direction and that He will stand on the faithfulness of Gods' Word regardless of what His juggling act may look like!!!!              

Monday, September 7, 2015

19 years ago.... I said "I DO"

~The first 13 years of Mike and My marriage we didn't welcome Christ in the center of our marriage. The results were not positive & as a result we almost separated.  We decided to change things up a bit and the last 6 years of our marriage has been both a blessing and hard work.  Welcoming Christ into our home wasn't a magic trick to take away all the hurt, pain and hardships; however it allowed us to show grace more willingly knowing that none of us deserve grace but we all need it.  It open our eyes allowing us to see that the battle isn't against each other but that it is against the ruler of darkness.......
                                             Ephesians 6:12
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

~There was a time in our marriage where we fought to win; forgetting the damage it caused to one another or even our children who were often times in the middle of all the fighting.  When we decided to allow God to fight battles for us; that we weren't meant to fight, we soon realized we could work with each other instead of against each other.
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

~Satan wants marriages to fail because of the reflection of Christ the union of marriage portrays.   John 10:10 "The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy...." So if WE wont fight for OUR MARRIAGE... He will!! 
I know we almost lost our marriage once. When you come close to losing something you love you fight like crazy to keep it, if you know its worth the fight.  I for one know that our marriage was and IS worth fighting for!!

It doesn't make it easier as I was saying before. We are not exempt from adversity.   But, I do know that in our brokenness comes many blessings.

Today, September 7th, on our 19th year anniversary I  think of all the beauty our marriage stands for and all the brokenness that we have overcome. 

Let's Grow Old Together by Lanae Hale:
Right turn fall down
You're there to pick me off the ground
And I can't tell ya how you've turned my world around
You come closer your blue eyes
Have won me over and
I'll never be the same without ya
Here with me through the sun and the rain
I thought you should know that you're my hero

 Let's grow old together
With my heart in your hands and your hands holding mine
We'll face the world together
Cause you are the one I've been waiting to find
It's no secret, so I can't keep it
Cause it's true...
Baby, I love you

 Long day Come home
When you're there I never feel alone
And my cares melt away into your arms again
Your smile takes me
Just awhile to remind myself to breathe
Cause your still the most amazing thing I've ever seen
I thought you should know that you'll always be my hero

Years turn us gray but my heart still jumps when you're
Next to me
I feel so safe cause you're still by my side on those
Cloudy days and
I'm so amazed by... You

    ***Happy Anniversary Mike..... To many more years to come***