Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My word for 2016....

I have taken a few days to ponder on a word I would focus on for this upcoming year. I looked over my lists of goals to see what I would like to accomplish. At the end of the day the things I didn't accomplish last year were things I avoided because of a struggle or challenge. 
 I asked myself why? Of the fruits of the spirit,  the hardest one for me is self control.
By definition self control is:
"Control of one's emotions, desires, or actions by one's own will" 
Synonyms of self control are:
Essentially self control is the same as self discipline.. self discipline is no easy task but without it we miss out on character building. 
This year my word will be 
Self discipline should transform the whole person; thoughts, speech, behavior,  & body. 
~Areas I want to work on are studying scriptures & praying more consistently. One of my goals is to be more effective in my Christian witness in particularly sharing the gospel with others.
On a personal level I want to improve areas such as:
Finishing what I start
Practicing self-denial
Getting organized
Being on time
Accepting responsibility 
Utilizing my time wisely for
 creativity, stimulating and challenging things
 (instead of so much time on facebook)
Prioritizing my tasks
~Some verses I will work on memorizing this year will be the following:
Titus 1:8
Galatians 5:22-23
Proverbs 25:28
2 Timothy 1:7
Proverbs 3:11-12
Hebrews 12:11
Hebrews 12:1
2 Peter 1:5-7
I am eager to see what the new year holds. I am, both, excited and nervous to work on such a word. But I know it will produce a harvest of righteousness & peace!  Its time to embrace the new year... 2016 is coming ready or not!!!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Reflecting over 2015

Wow!!  I cant believe we have a few days left in the year 2015.  I remember when I was a kid it seemed as if the years slowly went by. Now that I am an adult I feel the opposite is true. At any rate I wanted to take the time to slow it down a bit to reflect over the year to look back at the goals I had set  and then to set new goals for the upcoming year.

Looking back at last years goals I feel I successfully did 7 of the 10.  I could focus on the negative here and how I wished I could have met all these goals; however, I will focus on the positive knowing I worked hard this year and did more than half!

One of my goals last year was to read 12 books. It was a low number, but I am a slow reader and have a hard time comprehending.  For years I have avoided reading; but, in setting this goal I gained a new found love for reading again.  Not only did I achieve my goal but I accomplished it by three times!!  I will be putting this one back on my list of goals to focus on.

Another goal was to focus on Mike and My relationship. I will continue to do this so we can continue to strengthen our marriage.  We will be celebrating 20 years this year, so we would love to go away.  Definitely a goal to work towards. I am thinking a cruise... But we will see!! 

My word for 2015 was communication.  When I choose this word I truly thought I would be focusing more on communicating with those around me in less of a social media kind of way. However, the Lord revealed to me that my word was meant for me to be in better communication with Him! I have learned a lot this year.  In fact, I have always wanted to journal. I usually start but never finish. So this year I am putting this on my list of goals to focus on and will try to work at persevering through out the year.  I am praying about this upcoming word for the year 2016......

Some of the goals I didn't reach were:
~Memorizing the book of James, which I will continue to do this year
~I can't say I yielded 100% to the Lord  & His desires as this is a work in progress along with being the Mom I need to be for each of my kids.  I would say I was a bit more intentional but not consistently. I will continue these this year as well. 
~MY BLOG I will continue to work on being more consistent with this

In addition I will be adding these goals to focus on in 2016: 

 ~The Dave Ramsey Financial Peace
~Adjusting to the new area, establishing friendships and starting small groups & bible studies
~Listening to Gods leading as we wait for His Timing for the vision  & the reason He called us to Tennessee
~Opportunities to share the gospel and to witness the salvation of others

Hebrews 12:1
 "Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us"