Friday, March 18, 2016

A piece of a puzzle.....

I feel like February just past me by.   I was collecting papers from my daughter this morning to grade and enter into the grade book when I realized the third nine week was over.  I'm not sure where it went?

To think my son has a final nine week to go his senior year! I think part of where the nine week has gone has been: college visits, filling applications, searching for scholarships, exams to name a few things. 

Next year I will only have Lyv to home school. As I begin to plan her year out and process what that will look like I keep saying to myself how easy it will be. I remember a time when I was home schooling all three of the kids. Or go back a step further to the moment when I first began to home school. I was so scared and worried.

So then I started to think of how we do go through different seasons of life. Some may be harder than others.  Some may be scarier and yet some may be easier.   What season of life are you in?? 

Our family moved to Tennessee NINE MONTHS ago (already).  At first I thought we were going to hit the ground running but God had other plans for us.  We needed to go through a season of rest, relaxing and "being still" 
While doing this we needed to focus on building friendships, learning the "culture" and to begin to share the vision God has given us. I can't believe some of the friendships we have already established. Let me just say God is faithful in His promises!!

But now I feel God is beginning to move us to a season of PRAYER as we begin the labor process before the birth of this vision.  If you have had a child you understand how our body begins to prepare with Braxton hicks.  They gradually become the real thing, before we know it we are in labor. Labor is completely different for every woman but the common factor is that it is a process. I feel we must go through the process because the reward is great. When we finally hold the precious baby, a miracle, we are over joyed and overwhelmed.  We can't fathom or understand the goodness but we except it graciously.  Likewise, we our about to enter a PROCESS with this vision.  I fully am aware that the process will be extensive, hard, & challenging; but in the end it will be rewarding! Oh to live out in obedience what God is calling us to do is so exciting, but with it comes fear, anxiety and worry.  The challenge will be constantly giving Him those fears, anxieties and worries and keep our eyes on Him.  Our desire is to be the hands and feet for Jesus.  We are a PIECE of a PUZZLE that He WILL use to put together so that we can show others HIS GLORY!!  Oh to keep humble about this.  Our passion is to do His work and not let ourselves get in the way of what HE is preparing to do.