Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The beginning of something NEW~

UPDATE: I never did finish this blog I started a couple of days ago. The group got here and I was so focused on them and meeting their needs that this just sat on my computer..... I thought I would still post it and then conclude some thoughts:

July 21st, 2016

"On the three year anniversary of losing my mother I cant help but thank of how excited she would be for Mike and I as we begin to finish the first tiny home for the vision the Lord has given us.

A month before she passed away, our relationship began its restoration.  We had several phone conversations and one of the memories I will cherish forever is how she was proud of us for being obedient by following God's will for us by going into ministry. The thing that made me sad about the conversation; although she admired the fact that we were walking in ministry she felt that her dream never was fulfilled. What she didn't realize is that she lived in ministry every day but failed to see it. 

I wander how many times we are so busy looking for something differently, in our lives,based on how we think it should look like, that we fail to see what we are living? 

I have been guilty of this myself.  I have focused long and hard on what others ministries look like, the responsibilities or blessings of other leaders and wander why MINE doesn't look like that?

God has designed for each of us a path that we are to take.  Often times it doesn't look like you have imagined; there are many twists and turns but it is so rewarding to stay on your own path.   God also operates within the perimeters of his time line.  I love this!! (well.. sometimes I hate it) 

These past few weeks have been filled with so many emotions ranging from excitement, stress, joy, sadness & eagerness.  The planting of The Tiny Home Village has been so rewarding though.  With this excitement comes the enemy.  He has tried to throw darts and attack us from all angles to prevent the first home from being built."

This past weeks excitement was compared to Christmas Day.... In preparation of the holiday the excitement builds. The day comes its is amazing, wonderful exhilarating, but then the day is over... with it comes a feeling of let down.  The question of now what burns in my mind. I asked the Lord but a still, small voice answers back "Finish the first Home"
So this is what we will do..
Take one step at a time as we have done with this entire process!!

Words can not express my gratitude for the United Faith Community Church, the families that hosted them, the meals that were brought and simply those that trust us enough to believe that God has spoken to us and the continued prayers for us to have faith like a mustard seed to move the impossible mountains of  planting a ministry that just seems impossible!!

With man things are impossible... but with God All things are POSSIBLE~