Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fathers Day!!!

Twenty Two years ago I had to tell Mike that I was pregnant! I was so scared as I was only 16 years old. Our influences around us tried to convince us to have an abortion; we were so young and really had no means to provide for a child.

But nothing has ever gotten in the way for Mike. He has always embraced every challenge that has come along sacrifically! Not only did we have our first born son, Kirk, but continued our family to have Owen and Lyvvie. The entire time Mike has provided for his family.

Mike has an amazing work ethic. Not only has he taught his children this but also to have integrity and good character. Mike has not had a positive, father, role model in his life so in order to leave a legacy behind we have had to stand on the front lines and create a model for the next generation on our own. We have equally done well at this task as we have made many mistakes. We have had some positive, influential people along the way that we could lean on for support and encouragement.

Mike not only is an amazing Father but he has been a wonderful husband. We have had our share of ups and downs, in fact, our marriage almost did not make it at year 13. Mike found the Lord and was saved by grace! Not only that but God restored our marriage and we will celebrate our 21st anniversary this fall! Praise God.

Through these last 22 years of Mike being a Father he has put his family first, worked hard to provide for his family, and has been a great role model for not only his two amazing sons but his beautiful daughter! Today as I reflect on Father's Day I wanted to make sure I spoke into who he is. Mike would never do this for himself because he is very humble..

I am so blessed to have this man in my life. He is my best friend, my husband, and the Father of our three children! I hope you have a wonderful day Mike, you deserve this...even though it's a made up holiday!! ;)

Love you.. Happy Father's Day! ♡♡♡♡

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Weight Loss Journey

I officially hit my 40 pound mark so I decided I would be brave enough to post pictures.

The thing about weight loss is it is so easy to fall off the band wagon when things don't go the way you want them too. Or because it is a journey of perseverence. We want instant results and weight loss is such a gradual thing.

Like I mentioned before I decided to loose weight back in 2011 but hurt my back so I'm at it again. But this time is a little different. Where I'm focused on getting healthy and because of that the pounds are coming off!! (Whoop whoop)

There is so much I never knew or didn't take the time to learn.  I always saw people around me using food as a way of losing weight but I just never wanted to do that; in fact, I always believed I never struggled with food because there were many many days where I would not even eat at all.  The inconsistency was killing me. My body was storing up the fat causing me to gain weight.
The other problem I struggle with is the lack of sleep. I never realized how much that plays into the factor of weight gain. Who would have thought a lack of sleep can contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle. Sadly, this is the hardest pattern to correct for me!
Another issue was my water intake. There were days I drank plenty and days I hardly drank at all! Again the problem was inconsistency!!
And yet another issue, due to my back, I couldn't exercise. If I had a good day I would work for 10 minutes but never enough time to be intentional or enough time to really get the heart pumping. But even before my back I have had a lazy tendency towards exercise. Let's be real! :)
So I started to see a pattern with what I was doing in my life.. it wasn't necessarily  what I ate but it was the inconsistency of all the things that matters in a healthy lifestyle.
Again, I never looked at these issues before I just decided to jump on a bandwagon try to loose weight and if I didn't do it quick enough I would fall off!! I had no idea all these other issues played a huge key into a  successful weight loss and a journey to becoming healthy.
Lastly I had to realize that my journey to healthy will look differently than your journey to healthy and visa versa. We can not compare because we all struggle with different things. Our focus may be a bit different than the next person. So focusing on our own race will help. We definitely need accountabilty and having a friend to help support and encourage you is so beneficial because  this is way more than a physical change or an appearance change. Becoming healthy is so more than that;  it is mentally changing your perspective, & it is emotionally draining and yet rewarding. 
I am blessed to have an amazing accountability partner. She and I have walked so many of the same seasons in our lives, so it only made sense to share in this journey as well. Her focus is a bit different as she is learning that her body is intolerant to many things. So adjusting to meet the needs of her body has been challenging in and of itself. But we are able to offer words of encouragement, or ideas, or simply just a conversation about it!
I don't have all the answers, I am still learning but I am making slow progress.. I am taking it one day at a time.. and that is all I can do!! :)